I’ve leaned out a lot but retained strength on bench and dead’s and increased on my squat while also shaving 1:46 off my 5 mile time. The experience I had with Ryan and @titan_performance_llc has

been incredible.

Bill Walsh - Retired Infantry, Current Law Enforcement Officer


I can attest to the high quality nature of the supplements this man is purveying. An insurmountable amount of research has gone into his work, and he is truly passionate about the health and well-being of his clients.

Tyler Belano - Army Ranger


Ryan is a knowledgeable trainer. His products are great quality. His motivation and training is intense. Anytime I have a sports related question I get a lot of feedback which has made me a better athlete.

Cody Limas - Army Ranger


@titan_performance_llc good stuff man. Appreciate what you do and helping real people solve real problems. Science is important but so is actually doing it and being a practitioner. You always respond to messages clearly. Thanks for helping all of us achieve our real goals.

Dr. Jonathan Mike - PHD CSCS Professional Exercise Science & Sports Performance, Strength Coach, Writer, Author, and Speaker

This man's customer support is outstanding, I’m stationed in Italy and have never had someone so willing to answer questions in the middle of the night. Has knowledge on what he provides to you instead of just selling a product. Any questions asked is responded to with a professional answer and not some googled response. Lifelong customer and friend here.

Logan Jones - Air Force Active Duty


You are always willing to go out of you way to help someone, definitely a lot of respect for that. Most people could care less about others but you don’t mind doing whatever you can to help someone else. Thank you!

Cody Lazenby - Active duty Navy


Thanks to @titan_performance_llc for providing awesome customer service and knowledge. I’ve been using their products for the past 5 weeks and have seen tremendous results!! I highly recommend them for all products and services. Keep it up guys!

Dee Stokes - Former Army Ranger


@titan_performance_llc products are amazing. Saw results almost instantly. Always willing to help meet your goal. Very knowledgeable about everything from sarms to sports related questions.

Kenny Millman - Naval Nuclear Engineering


I was referred to Titan through a friend and based off his feedback, I decided to pull the trigger and get back on my horse after a four month lull from severe tendonitis in my elbow. Ultrasound therapy provided a good recovery but my strength was definitely lost. I’m on my 11th workout and am already seeing results most noticeable in the recovery department. Titan has provided great products that really work and are not fake. Ryan has been very professional on a personal level. He always follows up and ensures we are being provided with the best supps in the business. Big shout out to Titan.

David Bein - Retired Military


@titan_performance_llc is by far the best in the industry. For me and my teammates, it’s the one stop shop for all of our supplements. And now with the Titan Website, it’s even easier to order! Orders get in quick, and if you ever have a question he gets back to you ASAP.

Robert Barker - Active Duty Army


When I have a certain goal, I know @titan_performance_llc will steer me in the right direction. To get the job done, it takes hard work and the right knowledge of nutrition/supplementation. I had questions, like “why this,” or “when to take this,” and I was not only given the reasons, but fully-backed studies to back it up! Thank you @titan_performance_llc you are truly a game changer!!

Samuel Shaw - Professional WWE Wrestler


Great product. Don’t miss out ladies and gentlemen.

Remi Adeleke - Actor, Writer, Speaker, and Former Navy SEAL.


@titan_performance_llc was very knowledgeable about his products and answered any questions that I had. Without a doubt I will be a returning customer.

Kaleb Kight - Army Ranger


Ryan has been nothing short of professional and timely when I ask for advice. Due to a recent surgery, I have fallen in a slump and @titan_performance_llc has given me the tools to turn that back around. Looking forward to getting this journey started again. Once again, thank you for what you do brother!!!

Jeffy Wright - Green Beret Medic


So I've been in a bit of a money bind recently. Most "trainers" wouldn't even bother talking to you until you forked over a bunch of money. Ryan has been more than willing to offer ways to make it work because he genuinely wants to help people reach their goals. If you pay attention to his posts he continuously shares this knowledge openly, with data to show you its real and is more than willing to answer questions or concerns. Extremely professional, and will absolutely take care of you. Don't waste your money somewhere else.

Cody Seymour - Active Duty Army


Very professional! From what I've seen you take a lot of passion in getting athletes to their maximum potential! You also are an expert on what supplements are best for different types of athletes! @titan_performance_llc

Jeffy Burnhert - USA National Quarterback, Naval Special Warfare Aquatics Coach

Not sure what attracted me originally, but what keeps me coming back is the detail and effort @titan_performance_llc puts into his craft. He’s the type of trainer to go get the answers, if he doesn’t have them already. I’m excited to see what you have in store! Appreciate everything you do. Drive on!

Kelvin Lamont - West Point Grad, US Army Officer


Nothing but excellence. Continue to shoot for the stars and invest in yourself and you’ll see results. The man @titan_performance_llc takes care of people. Flexible and expedient 100%. 1 time for the 1 time.

Chris Hubbard - Army Drill Instructor


Always pushing solid information, knowledge and attitude!

Keep rocking brother.

Josh Honsberger - Scientist, MARSOC Marine (Retired)


Reached out to @titan_performance_llc for any tips to improve my daughter’s raw bench press for high school powerlifting, and received a detailed workout plan that far exceeded the request. His ability to focus on a particular client and their needs is exceptional. His knowledge, professionalism and effort put forth in helping others to achieve success, are simply beyond reproach. My daughter’s raw bench has already improved and we anticipate a great powerlifting season with another trip to State.

Thanks again brother, and God bless ya!

Rick Ayers - Army Ranger, Current Law Enforcement Officer


Couldn't recommend enough. Tried and tested by some of the hardest dudes on earth.

Austin Ramsey - Army Ranger

I have been a client of Titan performance for half a year now and have done a 180 in terms of progress. The losses in fat being replaced with muscle has given me a confidence I’ve never really had. I owe it to Titan for providing me the education, resources and constant support.

Jens Stokholm - NASA Engineer


Titan Performance is the man! I’ve been to gyms all over the world working with trainers and none of them come close to comparing with him. He has a passion that isn’t seen. My wife even thanks him because she has never seen me looking so good. Thank you Ryan!

Blake Herbert - Microsoft Computer Analyst


Big thanks to Ryan for all he’s done for me and my son. I’ve lost 40 lbs. since working with him. My son is an athlete at the US Olympic training center where he works with Ryan. I have seen him change physically and ability wise since doing so. I’m confident he will win Gold and so is he. Now he can actually look at his dad and take my advice as my body as became a billboard to match my talk. Thanks again!

Body Rogers - Boeing Aeronautical Scientist


I was beyond impressed with the quality of clients Ryan has worked with. Most trainers go after obese clients so they can just throw them on a treadmill. To take on “Type A” high functioning athletes and military personnel it takes an incredible mind set, knowledge and application to not be intimidated and successful. Ryan has mastered that and that’s what made me sign up with his supplements and training sessions. The results have been extraordinary.

Tyler Johansson - Purdue Farms Food Science Director

I couldn't agree more, thank you @titan_performance_llc for always bringing knowledge and proper applications to fix imperfections. I know personally you have helped me improve several of my lifts!

Anthony Techera - Active Duty Army


This guy has been helping me for a while now, from supplements, to hybrid programming advice, guy knows his stuff inside and out. Big ups my man

Danny Jasinsky- Army Ranger


Huge thanks to @titan_performance_llc! He has always provided fast and knowledgeable replies to all my questions! The supplements that I’ve received from this guy have helped me blast through plateaus and take my fitness to a new level.

Sam Boyd - Army Ranger


By far one of the most informative advisors in all realms of fitness and anything relative to the world of health/fitness. Very supportive and meets all and any goals you may have in reference to health and fitness. You won’t ever go wrong in trusting @titan_performance_llc

Chuco Hyde - Retired Army


This page always keeps me motivated. During long days at the office it gets difficult to find the intestinal fortitude to go to the gym and give it my 100%. Looking at this page always pumps me up and gives me a good idea of what I want to do for my next workout.

Al Soto - Army Ranger


@titan_performance_llc has a vast knowledge in all aspects of fitness. He is willing to help you no matter what you are trying to achieve

Matt Burris - Clergy


The information and professionalism that comes from Ryan and his team is truly one of a kind. If you are looking to bring your fitness to the next level @titan_performance_llc can get you there.

Timmy Mccall - US Olympic Wrestler

One of the best fitness resources I have found on the internet. Ryan definitely does his homework and it shows. You don’t find many people backing up their training and guidance with hard data and tangible proof. Def will continue to make sure I reach both my personal and professional fitness goals.

Mitch Allen - Army Ranger


Ryan is an extremely knowledgeable trainer. His products are quality. His training is intense. He provides the products and routines to maximize your desired results. 10/10 rating, no doubt! Thank you for all you do!

Justin Neal - Army Ranger

I highly recommend Ryan and Titan Performance. I spent 25 years in the Army and was fortunate enough to spend time in amazing units with amazing people. It was an honor to serve and command men in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 82nd Airborne, 101st, and in the Ranger Training Brigade. I wish I had a trained and educated coach and mentor like Ryan in my ranks. Ryan is a consummate professional who cares very much for his clients. Ryan is currently helping my son, an athlete at a major Division I school achieve some strength and conditioning goals which will undoubtedly provide him an advantage over his peers in the very near future. Ryan displays a tremendously unique ethos that is not found in the fitness industry today. Ryan will not only help you achieve your goals, but he will ensure it is accomplished safely. I am also a professional arena football coach and would select Ryan as my strength and conditioning coach immediately if hired as a head coach. Chose Ryan and Titan Performance, the results will be tenfold.

Bob Risdon - Retired Army Ranger - AFL Football Coach

Thanks to Ryan and @titan_performance_llc I’ve been able to achieve fitness goals I’ve been chasing for years. Ryan really knows his stuff, and it shows in his clients’ results! Definitely a professional, educated, and experienced man to work with if you want to get serious about your fitness goals, and I would recommend him to anyone who asked!

Charlie - Army Ranger/Professional Marksman

Ryan and @titan_performance_llc have provided one of the most professional experiences I’ve had. Being able to deal with Ryan directly and being able to message him and get a response quickly is great. Not only that, but everything is legit. Thanks to him I’ve been consistently increasing my strength on all fronts. Looking forward to seeing how far I can go with the help of @titan_performance_llc
Keegan Gregg - Active Duty Army


@titan_performance_llc excels on all aspects of professionalism and knowledge. They continuously thrive on helping one reach his/her goal! Thanks man for all the info you keep pushing out! I keep learning something new every day.

Ryan Padilla - Army Ranger, Sniper


I have had amazing experiences with Ryan and @titan_performance_llc. I highly recommend them and their incredible supplements.

Jeff Gum - Retired Navy Seal, Current UCLA Med Student

Big fan of @titan_performance_llc. What really sets him apart from others is his academic approach to training programs. It’s not just “bro science” that you see so frequently elsewhere.

Zachary Kennedy - West Point Grad - Active Infantry


Ryan is highly passionate, qualified, and willing to cater towards your needs to make sure you get the best results. He has answered my every question, made himself available, and put every ounce of detail and effort into my programming. Supplements are unlike your cookie cutter nutrition store that just wants to rid their shelves. His actually works. Titan is the way. 100%.

Brian Lang - U.S Army 160th SOAR, U.S Army Green Beret, U.S Army Delta Force (Retired)


Ryan’s Titan Performance is unmatchable. His professionalism, understanding of the human body and how to get it to respond no matter who you are is unfathomable. Highly recommend him if results are what you’re looking for look nowhere else.

Paul Sutter - U.S. MARSOC/RECON Marine (Retired)

First got introduced to Ryan by several of my teammates. They all had nothing but excellent things to say about him and his products. We are a very tight knitted community that rarely step outside of it so the sheer fact that he was recommended said a lot. Upon getting on his programs and his supplements it didn’t take me but a week to feel, see and hear from others responses in my physique changes to validate those referrals. Lifelong client and customer.

Dylan Blake - U. S Air Force CCT


Ryan is the man. You will get results, at the end of the day that’s what matters along with safely getting them. Titan Performance has been there through my many training cycles and deployment ensuring my recovery, injury rehabilitation along the way were primal. I stayed looking the part while doing it so I have nothing but appreciation for this man.

R.J. - U.S. Navy SEAL


I’ve been working with Titan performance for 5 months. In that time, my speed, strength, and physique has dramatically improved. Thank you Ryan I am a customer until I can’t breathe.

David Long - U. S Air Force Pararescueman


Titan Performance’s Ryan is the dude responsible for me dropping 2 1/2 minutes off my mile run. Increasing my major lifts by 60 lbs. While dropping 7% body fat and gaining 9 lbs. of muscle.

Jon Burk - U.S. Air Force Pararescueman

I’ve been on the job longer than most of you have been living. With that comes rigors on the body, thanks to Ryan I no longer feel them and do my duty better.

Joey Hall - Cape Cod Fire & Rescue Captain


Suspects are getting bigger, stronger, faster. Ryan has gotten me to be a winning contender. I appreciate you and what you do for us whose lives depend on our fitness.

Lewis Hall - LAPD

I was referred to Ryan by a coworker who spoke highly of everything he did at Titan Performance. I ordered my first round of supplements and they kicked me like a horse. I have muscles in places I never thought a person could. You have gotten me on your customer database. I will be returning from now on.

John Seung - NASA Astrophysics


Jiu Jitsu is hard on the joints. I was suffering from years of abuse from rolling. I reached out to Ryan and was directed to purchase a stack of supplements. It didn’t take long before these pains just vanished. I then bought a BJJ specific workout program that proved to be a real game changer in my mat performance. Thank you Titan Performance!

Ron Jalaski - IFBBJ Jiu Jitsu Black Belt



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