"Don't think. Do"


We are fully stocked on knowledge of products in the realm of nutrition. Online programs are available to bring that expertise to you anywhere in the world.


​​We offer course selection readiness, 1 on 1, group training, and special events, in a host of platforms, whether it be online, programs, or in person.


We understand the rigors of training, high speed careers, and sports. For this we have hand-picked items from what we know to be the most durable, dependable brands to perform in.






This man's customer support is outstanding, I’m stationed in Italy and have never had someone so willing to answer questions in the middle of the night. Has knowledge on what he provides to you instead of just selling a product. Any questions asked is responded to with a professional answer and not some googled response. Life long customer and friend here.

Logan Jones - Air Force Active Duty

I can attest to the high quality nature of the supplements this man is purveying. An insurmountable amount of research has gone into his work, and he is truly passionate about the health and well-being of his clients.

Tyler Belano - Army Ranger

So I've been in a bit of a money bind recently. Most "trainers" wouldn't even bother talking to you until you forked over a bunch of money. Ryan has been more than willing to offer ways to make it work because he genuinely wants to help people reach their goals. If you pay attention to his posts he continuously shares this knowledge openly, with data to show you its real and is more than willing to answer questions or concerns. Extremely professional, and will absolutely take care of you. Don't waste your money somewhere else.

Cody Seymour - Active Duty Army

Titan is helping others create a legacy through performance enhancement, mentally & physically.

As a prospective client or customer - I ask you your why, for doing what you do. Find a deeper reason other than fitness fads. Become a Titan. Develop the strength to defend others. Functional muscle, ability, willingness, forged with aesthetics.

Often times we want to create an image for others. None of that marks our legacy. The idea at Titan is helping others create their legacy through performance enhancement, mentally and physically.

Being 6 percent body fat won't write “great person” on your tombstone. What will your's say? Don’t let this whole media crazed fitness fad motivate you, find a real reason to be your best you. Get after it. Help others do the same, and be Titans too.




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